Based on years of experience, we offer our clients the most optimal solutions for the following types of insurance:

Personal insurance provides for the protection of family well-being and protection of family income from the possible risks. For example, disability or sudden death of a family member, an accident.

Among others, you can enter into the following insurance contracts:

Voluntary accident insurance

Insured cases under contracts are:

premature death;
temporary disability;
In the event of one of these situations in the life of the insured person, the insured is obliged to pay monetary compensation. And in case of premature death, the family members of the insured receive payment.

Travel insurance.

Before the holiday season begins, travel insurance becomes especially relevant. For those who plan to travel outside Ukraine, we suggest to conclude a tourist insurance contract.

Of course, such a document will not save you from unforeseen situations that may occur while traveling. But if this happens, a tourist can quickly resolve it without any financial problems.

If you have a need for a particular type of insurance, our staff will be happy to assist you in resolving issues.