Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance for Vehicle Owners "OSCPV" is a mandatory type of insurance established by the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability for Land Vehicle Owners". An insurance policy is necessary to compensate for the damage caused to the life, health and / or property of the victims of an accident due to your fault.

Why need a policy?

The policy of compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners, often referred to as simply the "motorcycle", will protect the driver of the vehicle from sudden financial problems in the event of an accident due to his fault:

For the damage caused to the life and health of the victims - UAH 260,000. one victim;

For the damage caused to the property of the victims - 130 000 UAH. one victim.

Who Exempts from Acquisition of OSCEPA Insurance Policies?

(Citizens of Ukraine who own and own a car)

The insurance indemnity is paid by MTIBU.

Victims of the Benefits Revolution;
Persons with disabilities as a result of the war;
People with disabilities of group I;
Persons who drive a car belonging to a group I disabled person in his presence.

Who can buy a benefits policy?

Participants in the war;
People with disabilities of group II;
Persons affected by the Chornobyl catastrophe, belonging to category I or II;
People with disabilities of group I;

Compulsory International Green Card Car Liability Insurance. In fact, it is the same "auto-bulb", but operates abroad - in 50+ countries, including the states of Europe, Belarus, Moldova and Russia. Unlike compulsory insurance within Ukraine, there are no restrictions on the amount of protection.

Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability Insurance - DCV. It is also called "voluntary motorcycle". This type of insurance is needed for those who want to increase the amount of their insurance coverage under the OSCEPV - for example, in case of an accident involving an expensive car, when 130 000 UAH. may not be sufficient to compensate;

- liability insurance of the producer;
- employer liability insurance;
- professional liability insurance.