For many companies, the introduction of VMI (voluntary medical insurance) has become the standard, as today many applicants are primarily interested in whether the company offers various benefits in the form of a social package, showing a strong interest in Voluntary medical Insurance (VMI). This “bonus” from the employer is a great motivation for attracting qualified and valuable employees.

In the conditions of development of the VMS market, insurers' offers differ in a great variety, both of the insurance programs and of the service. At the same time, a considerable part of the burden of choosing the optimal program, provider and further work with problematic or "non-standard" insurance situations - rests with the HR manager.

Each contract is purely individual and requires brokerage expertise in terms of knowledge in the fields of insurance, medicine, financial analytics and jurisprudence, which is why more and more Clients trust their risks to professional consultants.

Aston Ukraine is a licensed insurance broker with a full range of insurance services and comprehensive business support.

Our service is:

- expert evaluation: we carry out a comparative analysis of the compliance of the current insurance program (in the case of prolongation) and the possibilities of the insurance market of the LCA, analyze the unprofitableness of the contract, conduct the examination of waivers and exclusions, also through the system of online questionnaire of insured persons, measure the level of satisfaction with the service.

- saving time: we form the optimal program, adapting to the employees and which will best meet the needs and specifics of the Client's company, place on the tender platform, on the optimal conditions for the Client, which will significantly save your time costs and is guaranteed to get the optimal solution in the context of "Price- Quality Service »

- service and support: we provide comprehensive counseling, control the quality of medical care, in case of claims / refusals in the organization of medical care, carry out broker medical examination and claim support to their final settlement.

This way, we help reduce the risks of your business with minimal cost while providing a high level of service.

Aston Ukraine Insurance Broker - We strive to develop innovative and effective solutions that will allow our Clients to minimize risks and optimize existing costs.