High international corporate standards

High international corporate standards and faultless organization of insurance, reinsurance, loss settlement and reporting processes.

One of the most important advantages is the availability of its own insurance department with a staff of qualified specialists, impeccable organization of processes and the associated cost and time savings. The client can count not only on consultation and assistance in preparation of necessary documentation on the statement of the insured event, but also in asserting interests in the insurance company up to full payment of insurance indemnity. This achieves greater efficiency and completeness of insurance payments under the contract when the insured event occurs.

Comprehensive interests protection

We are always on the Client's side and in any situation we defend your interests. Our specialists provide complete and comprehensive protection of the Client's interests at all stages of cooperation, starting with the analysis of requirements for insurance coverage, preparation of insurance contracts and ending with the settlement of insurance cases. Our Client can expect that the contract will be made solely for his needs and will satisfy his requirements to the maximum.

Not only will our staff offer you competitive rates, they also ensure that you are properly insured. Working with you face-to-face, our staff becomes your personal advisor, devoting your time to listening and understanding your individual needs. They know that it's not just about finding a price you can afford; it is also about making sure you are properly insured if you suffer damage.

In addition, we always monitor the financial position of insurance companies, the quality of their settlement, the completeness of payments on insured events and offer our clients cooperation only with the most reliable of them. During the whole period of the contract the client can count on timely reaction to changes in the market and in case of need to transfer the contract to another insurer.

Minimization of additional costs and convenience

Minimizing the number of staff involved and caring about the Client's time. You do not need to take one offer from one insurance company, attract additional staff, and spend time filling out many different online applications to get your own comparison of offers. Thanks to your links and market knowledge, Aston Insurance Brokers will help you find the best value for money, coverage and service.

In addition, we offer you single window insurance services. We can meet all your insurance needs. You will no longer need to look for individual insurance companies that have the necessary accreditation at a particular bank or are able to provide you with the necessary insurance coverage.

Budget cuts for insurance

Saving your insurance costs is one of our main tasks.

Being well guided in tariffs in the insurance market and in the presence of a large number of insurance companies-partners among the leaders of the insurance market of Ukraine, as well as long experience of cooperation, we have the opportunity to offer our clients the most favorable insurance rates while providing reliable insurance coverage. In addition, to achieve significant savings allows individual coordination of insurance contract templates, which includes, among other things: the exclusion of options unnecessary for the client, adjusting certain characteristics and parameters of the object of insurance, items of contracts. Thus, our clients receive individual terms of the contract, in the versions of the contract, which are maximally devoid of “pitfalls”.

Effective support for the loss settlement process

An insured event is always a stress for the policyholder, and it is extremely important to be able to get professional advice on resolving a problem from a specialist who is always on your side when dealing with a stressful situation.

To ensure that our clients always feel confident, we have our own loss management department. Professionals with more than 5 years' experience in the field

will tell you how best to communicate with the relevant government agencies;
help to claim the insurance event so that the insurance company can not refuse payment;
take control of the timeliness of compensation;
defend your interests before the insurer in controversial situations.