Car insurance refers to optional insurance as part of property insurance. Therefore, the terms of insurance have much in common with the conditions of property insurance in general.

Car insurance is a collection of different types of insurance against the dangers arising from different routes of communication.

The objects of car insurance are:

Means of transport without cargo - comprehensive insurance.

Cargo without transport insurance - cargo insurance.

At the same time, the insurance can cover both the vehicle itself (such insurance is known as comprehensive insurance) and the cargo it carries (cargo insurance), the driver and passengers, as well as the carrier's liability to a third party.

One of the most common types of insurance is:

Voluntary vehicle insurance - CASCO

Insurance that protects your car - from one risk (road accident) or the full range of possible troubles, such as unlawful acts of third parties, fire, theft, other accidental events.

Hull Insurance will help you:

  • Override car repair costs;
  • Save time and money;
  • Avoid disputes at the scene between car owners;
  • Feel more confident and comfortable on the road.

Insurance companies currently offer different prices, options, programs, and very often, at an attractive price, additional contractual restrictions are hidden. It is not easy to choose from such a variety, so it is better to entrust this matter to our qualified employees, who will not only pick you the optimal price solutions, but also save you from possible "pitfalls" in terms of insurance coverage.